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Parks Pennsylvania  Eisenhower NHS - Foster Joseph Sayres Dam

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  Eisenhower National Historic Site   National Park Service  NPS

  e-mail  717 338-9114

  97 Taneytown Road

  Gettysburg    PA  17325-2804

    Elvis gyrated and McCarthy railed.  School children ducked and covered, suburbanites dug bomb shelters.  Everyone loved Lucy, and a retired general in the White House played golf and struggled to keep a third world war at bay.

Elk SP  State Park                       PA SP
e-mail  814 965-2646
via SR 1006
c/o Bendigo, Johnsonburg PA
Wilcox     PA
  3192 acres                              Last Update    5 /25/2004

  Emsworth Locks And Dams US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  0 Western Avenue

  Pittsburgh  PA  15202-1708

    Furthest upstream of the Ohio River dams, Emsworth provides Pittsburgh with a waterway for commerce and recreation. This area is along the Lewis and Clark route.

  Erie National Wildlife Refuge      Fish and Wildlife Service FWS

  e-mail  814-789-3585

  11296 Wood Duck Lane

  Guys Mills PA 16327   PA  16327

    Erie National Wildlife Refuge is located in Crawford County, 35  miles south of the City of Erie and 10 miles east of Meadville on the outskirts of Guys Mills village. The refuge consists of  two separate land units.

  Evansburg SP  State Park                     PA SP
610 409-1150
851 May Hall Rd
Collegeville    PA     19426
Last Update     6 /4 /2004

  Flight 93 National Memorial       National Park Service     NPS

  724 329-5512

  Superintendent - Flight

  National Park Service

  109 West Main Street, Suite 104

  Somerset  PA  15501-2035

    On September 11, 2001, the passengers and crew of Flight 93

    courageously gave their lives thwarting a planned attack on our

    Nation's Capital.  Flight 93 National Memorial will be a permanent

    memorial to the heroes on that plane.

Fort Necessity National Battlefield         National Park Service     NPS


  Headquarters  724-329-

  One Washington Parkway

  Farmington  PA  15437

    Colonial troops commanded by 22 year old Colonel George

    Washington were defeated in this small stockade at the "Great

    Meadow". This opening battle of the French and Indian War began

    a seven year struggle between Great Britain and France

  Fort Washington SP  State Park                        PA SP
215 591-5250  500 Bethlehem Pike
Fort Washington   PA     19034
  Last Update     6 /4 /2004

  Foster Joseph Sayers Dam       US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  PO BOX 227

  BEECH CREEK PA  16822-6822

    Bald Eagle State Park provides a marina, campground, picnic

    areas, and beach at this 1,730-acre lake.  A historical village is

    under restoration.


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