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Parks Texas Abilene SP - Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR

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  Abilene SP  State Park                   TPWD  325 572-3204
150 Park Road 32
Tuscola TX   79562
  Last Update  6 /25/2004

  Acton SHS  State Historic Site                 TPWD  817 645-4215
c/o Cleburne SP, 5800 Park Rd 21
Cleburne TX    76031     Last Update    5 /25/2004

  Addicks Dam   US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  PO BOX 218747

  HOUSTON   TX   77218-8747

    These normally dry reservoirs are on the west side of Houston on both sides of I-10 at TX6.  They contain the largest municipal park in the Nation and provide a unique recreational experience for the metropolitan area.

  Admiral Nimitz SHS  State Historic Site                   TPWD
e-mail  830 997-4379
PO Box 777
Fredericksburg    TX     78624
  Last Update    5 /25/2004

  Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument    National Park Service     NPS

  e-mail    P.O. Box 1460

  Fritch  TX   79036

    For thousands of years, people came to the red bluffs above the Canadian River for flint, vital to their existence. Demand for the high quality, rainbow-hued flint is reflected in the distribution of Alibates Flint through the Great Plains and beyond.

  Allen Park  County Park    Travis County Parks
Westside Drive
MoPac  TX
10 acres   Last Update   9 /19/2006


  Amistad National Recreation Area          National Park Service     NPS


  830 775-7491

  HCR 3, Box 5J

  Hwy 90 West

  Del Rio  TX   78840-9350

    A splash of blue stands out against limestone cliffs. The honking of

     a great blue heron, interspersed with the descending trill of a

    canyon wren, can be heard off in the distance.

  Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge           Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  509 Washington Street                  

  Anahuac  TX   77514

    The chorus of thousands of waterfowl, the splash of an alligator

    going for a swim, the rustle of wind moving through coastal prairie,

    the high-pitched call of a fulvous whistling duck are just some of

    the sound you may hear when visiting


  Aquilla Dam & Lake      US Army Corps of Engineers      USACE


  PO BOX 5038 LPS

  Clifton   TX   76634-5038

    This 3,280-acre lake is located on Aquilla and Hackberry Creeks.

  Aransas National Wildlife Refuge       Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  P.O. Box 100             

  Austewell  TX   77950

    The bugle of an endangered whooping crane echoes across the far

    reaches of the marsh.  Only at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

    do North America's tallest birds find an enduring winter stronghold.

     Here, too, pelicans, herons, egrets, roseate spoonbills

  Atlanta SP  State Park                            TPWD 
903 796-6476
927 Park Road 32
Atlanta    TX
Last Update    3 /23/2004

  Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge   
Fish and Wildlife Service FWS


  P.O. Box 519

  Eagle Lake   TX   77434

    Over a century ago, one million Attwater's prairie-chickens graced

    the Texas and Louisiana gulf coastal prairie.  Each spring, males

    gathered to perform an elaborate courtship ritual.  They inflated

    their yellow air sacs and emitted a strange, booming sound


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