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Parks Wyoming Names Hill - North Platte River

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  Names Hill       Bureau of Land Management      BLM

  e-mail  (307)367-4358

  Pinedale Field Office

  432 East Mill Street

  Pinedale WY   82941

    This site is part of a popular shortcut, the Lander Cutoff, between the South Pass and the Snake River valleys. Over 13,000 emigrants used this route in 1859, the first year it was open. Many  of them carved their names onto the "register" of the route

  National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center and Whiskey
Bureau of Land Management       BLM

  e-mail  307-332-8400

  1335 Main Street

  Lander  WY  82520

    The Interpretive Center provides an educational wildlife experience that highlights the local Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep herd, the largest wintering Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep herd in North America.

  National Elk Refuge      Fish and Wildlife Service FWS

  e-mail  307-733-9212

  P.O. Box 510

  Jackson  WY  83001

    National Elk Refuge, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was established in 1912 to provide winter habitat and preserve the Jackson elk herd.  The Refuge's nearly 25,000 acres provide a winter home for one of the largest wintering concentrations of elk

  National Historic Trail Interpretive           Bureau of Land Management       BLM

  e-mail  541.523.1843

  1701 East

  Casper  WY   82520

    The Oregon Trail Corridor includes the Oregon, Mormon Pioneer, California, and Pony Express Trails. This corridor of overland routes was created by more than 350,000 emigrants as they traveled west. The year 1843 is recognized as the start of the Oregon Trail

  National Historic Trails Interpretive Center  Bureau of Land Management  BLM

  e-mail  307.261.7604

  5353 Yellowstone Road

  Cheyenne WY   82003-1828                   

  New Fork Campground  Bureau of Land Management       BLM

  e-mail  (307)367-4358

  Pinedale Field Office

  432 East Mill Street

  Pinedale WY   82941

     This campground is in a scenic area of rolling grasslands cut through by the rolling New Fork River. This is at the site of a historic crossing on the Lander Cutoff, and Names Hill, a "registry" for the emigrants, is nearby.

  Newton Lakes  Bureau of Reclamation   BOR  307-527-7125

  Wyoming Game and Fish Department

  2820 State 120

  Cody  WY   82414

    Newton Lakes are jointly managed by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  The West lake is managed as a family fishery for Yellowstone Cutthroat trout and several warm water species including bluegill and crappie.

  North Absaroka Wilderness  WILD



  College of Forestry and Conservation, Wilderness Institute

  The University of Montana

  Missoula   MT  59812

    The North Absaroka Wilderness now contains a total of

    350,488 acres and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. All of

    the wilderness is in the state of Wyoming.

  North Platte River         Bureau of Land Management       BLM



  Rawlins Field Office

  1300 North Third Street

  Rawlins WY   82301

    The North Platte River is a popular fishery that traverses various

    terrains. The upper 20 miles run through rugged forest. The next 40

     miles alternates between agricultural meadows and rugged          

    sagebrush/ juniper communities.



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