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Archaeology New Mexico

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New Mexico
Archaeological Conservancy
5301 Central Ave NE, Suite 1218
Albuquerque NM 87108
Phone 505 266-1540
Web Site
Type of Resource
History Related Organization
Field of Study Science Facility Archaeology


  Petroglyph National Monument

  6001 Unser Blvd NW

  Albuquerque   NM   87120    

  Phone   505 899-0205

  Web Site

  Alt Web

  Description  17 miles of carved images by native peoples along West Mesa

  Type of Resource   Historic Place

  Field of Study/Science Facility  Archaeology

  New or Updated:             10/7/2005

New Mexico
Cedar Crest
Museum of Archaeology & Material Culture
22 Calvary Road
Cedar Crest NM
Phone 505 281-2005
Web Site ******
Alt Web
Description 12,000 year timeline of North American history
Type of Resource Museum
Field of Study/Science Facility Archaeology
New or Updated: 03/27/2003

  El Malpais National Monument
123 E Roosevelt Ave
  BLM:  PO Box 846 Grants 505 287-7911
  Grants NM  87020    
Phone  505 783-4774
Alt Phone  505 876-2782
Web Site
Description  over 100,000 acres joint NPS/BLM mgnt, volcanic features, archaeology
  Type of Resource  Nature
  Primary Focus  Park
  Kind of Activity  Trails
  Nature of Group or Site  Outdoor
  Field of Study/Science Facility  Archaeology
  New or Updated:  07/16/2003 

New Mexico
Los Alamos
Bandelier National Monument
HCR 1, Box 1, Suite 15
Los Alamos NM 87544
Phone 505 672-3861
Web Site
Description 23,000 acres of Wilderness, visitor center, Tyuonyi Pueblo ruins, CCC exhibit new in 2003
Type of Resource Nature
Primary Focus Park
Kind of Activity Hiking
Nature of Group or Site Outdoor
Field of Study/Science Facility Archaeology
Group Identity Native American
Owner/Operator: NPS
New or Updated: 04/23/2003

Chaco Culture NHP
PO Box 220
  Nageezi  NM  87037
  Phone 505 786-7014
  Web Site
Description  remote site holds remnants of Pueblo urban center, museum & observatory         Type of Resource  Historic Place
  Kind of Activity  Trails
Field of Study/Science Facility  Archaeology
  Collection G-M  Manuscripts
  Group Identity  Native American
  Research /Reading  Library
  Era  850-1250
  Owner/Operator:  NPS
  New or Updated:  07/16/2003

New Mexico
Pecos National Historical Park
EE Fogelson Visitor Center
PO Box 418
Pecos NM 87552
Phone 505 757-8460
Alt Phone 505 757-6414
Web Site
Description multiple cultural sites including ancient pueblo, 2 Spanish Missions, Santa Fe Trail sites, 20th century ranch, Civil War battlefield
Type of Resource Historic District
Primary Focus Building Collection
Building Type Mission
Field of Study/Science Facility Archaeology
New or Updated: 03/28/2003

Blackwater Draw Museum & Archaeological Site
42987 Highway 70
Portales NM
Phone 505 562-2202
Web Site
Description built to display artifacts from archaeological finds dating back 13,000 years
Type of Resource Specialty Museum
Field of Study/Science Facility Archaeology
New or Updated: 04/29/2003

   New Mexico
  El Morro National Monument
Rt 2, Box 43
  Ramah NM  87321    
Phone  505 783-4226
Web Site
Description  bluff with 700 year old petroglyphs, small museum in visitor center,                         camping, two trails, Atsinna pueblo
Type of Resource    Nature
Primary Focus    Park
Building Type  Pueblo
  Kind of Activity  Trails
  Nature of Group or Site  Outdoor
  Field of Study/Science Facility  Archaeology
  New or Updated:  07/16/2003


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